I had the opportunity to be treated at Mount Mahogany after two car accidents. Dr. Moulder is very focused on actually treating his patients, rather than booking them for an interminable number of adjustments. After both accidents, Dr. Moulder developed a treatment plan and scaled back treatment as I improved, ultimately terminating treatment when I was better.

Mount Mahogany also features a beneficial combination of massage and chiropractic services. Massage did a great job dealing with the tense soft tissues in the affected areas and enhanced the benefit of chiropractic adjustment. Although I had been adjusted previously, I found the combination of adjustment and massage therapy to be much more effective.

I would whole-heartedly recommend Mount Mahogany to anyone, especially if you are suffering from the after effects of a car accident or similar injuries.


Ann Larsen LMT (& other letters I’m sure) and Dr. Faxon Moulder are amazing. They keep me running, ME, a train wreck of a human-body if ever there was one. The whole staff at Mt. Mahagony from the sweet scheduling desk girls {not meant pe…rjoratively} who keeps me on time by assuring I am to be at my appts. at least a half hour before I ‘m really suppose to be there, because they know I am absolutely time disabled and I’ll still be late by about 5 minutes. The LMT’s,Ann in particular, assure I’m prepared to be treated by Dr. Moulder, who knows his stuff. Case in point: 2 weeks of chest pain, hundreds of dollars of tests in the ER and there was no explaination or apparent cause of the pain. Ann’s healing touch teamed with Dr. Moulder who knew exactly what was going on corrected a twisted rib in my back that was torqueing on my sternum, 2 visits and fixed! *Note that my ER is awesome as they have saved my life more than three times and I am indebted to them, but…


Dr. Moulder and Tyffani are one of the most attentive and caring people i’ve ever met. They are there to help you, and their goal is to help you feel better. You get more out of what you pay for, it is a great deal for quality care.

Have you ever had that kink in your neck or back that stops you doing your daily activities? have you ever just sneez really hard, and all of the sudden you can’t turn your neck? I HAVE!! No one likes to be in pain, no matter if it is big pain or small pain. Pain is no fun! It is just uncomfortable, and distracts or stops you from doing things you enjoy. It is important that everyone listens to their body, and get it fixed before the problem gets bigger. Sometimes your body just needs to be realigned, and the muscle just needs some tender loving care. If you treat your body well, it will also keep you feeling fabulous, and do the things you enjoy the most in life!

Quality health = Quality life

Let Mount Mahogany be part of your health maintenance. Feel better and live better!!


I was always skeptical about going to a chiropracter because I heard it was hit or miss on finding a good one. When my husband discovered Dr. Moulder and the massage therapists, he insisted I go. I couldn’t pass up a chance to get rid of lower back pain and neck pain along with an hour long massage. The price was so affordable, too!

My first massage was done by Tyffani, whom I go to regularly. She is amazing! She also helped me through my pregnancy all the way to the end. I’ve also had a massage by Becky, whom my husband goes to regularly.

Dr. Moulder is completely trustworthy and does a fantastic job at taking care of our aches and pains. He always makes me feel like I can sit and stand straighter. The ease of neck pain has allowed me to turn my head more freely. Everytime I leave the office I feel stronger and more relaxed. Dr. Moulder, Tyffani, and Becky have always made us feel very very welcome and comfortable.


In August, my husband and I were in a severe car crash. We immediately booked appointments at Mount Mahogany: my husband with Ann, and I with Tyffani. I had been in a car wreck a few years prior and recovery took forever, if it happened at all. However, after only a few short months at Mount Mahogany with Ann, Tyffani and Dr. Moulder, we were feeling better by leaps and bounds.

Then unfortunately while on vacation for the Christmas holiday, we were rear-ended on New Year’s Day (and neither of us were even driving!). So as soon as we got back we called Mount Mahogany. We’re seeing wonderful improvement again. We’ve so appreciated the wonderful care we’ve received from Mount Mahogany and would recommend it to anyone – I had a girl in my class begging for someone who could help with TMJ, so naturally I have her the number for Mount Mahogany. So if your back neck, or jaw have been hurting, you know what to do! You’ll be so glad you called Mount Mahogany.


My husband and I have been going to Mount Mahogany for a couple of years. We have been treated great by the massage therapists we have been to. I have received excellent treatment from both Donna and Tyffani. My husband regularly sees Tyffani, but has also been worked on by Donna, Becky, and Ann. They are all good. I see Donna the most since she is one of my best friends, but also because she is great at working out my kinks and knots. I find when I get regular massages and adjustments I don’t have headaches. I used to suffer from them constantly. When my headaches come back I know it is time to get in. I have also felt a world of difference in my lower back and hips. I rarely wake up with a back ache anymore. Dr Moulder has also treated my children. I have one son who will get headaches and have trouble sleeping. We found it is related to his neck. Dr. Moulder is really good with him. When my son starts having trouble sleeping he asks when he can go in again and he is only 8.


I have always loved being treated at Mount Mahogany. I appreciate not only the work that I’ve been given to help my ever aching neck, but I also appreciate the education that I’ve been given about my body. I often ask questions when I am on the table, and all of the therapists I have seen are willing to answer my questions–and are able to put it in lay-man’s language so I know what they’re talking about. Whenever I come back into town, I make sure that I have an appointment scheduled at Mount Mahogany to get worked on–it’s a life saver.