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Why you should choose

We Believe

In a three-pronged approach to healing


    Modern medicine plays an important role in out healing and treatment process. We believe in the use of modern medicine and diagnosis and recognize the important role that it should play in recovery.

      Chiropractic Care

      Doctors of chiropractic are qualified unlike any other type of physician to diagnose and oversee treatment of any musculoskeletal conditions, which is the foundation of your body and your good health.


        Ancient cultures as well as modern medicine recognize the benefits of myotherapy when included in the recovery and healing process, and we believe it should play a crucial role in the process as well.

        Core Services

        • Health Exams

          Health exams for men and women, sports/scout/missionary exams

        • Acute & Chronic Illness Management

          Everything from a Cough, Sore Throat, or earache to Diabetic Care and Blood Pressure Management

        • Chiropractic Care

          Come in for a consultation. We also offer Exams, Adjustments, Post Injury care, Etc

        • Myotherapy

          Our expertly trained massage therapists are trained in many forms of myotherapy. These include Trigger Point Therapy, Pregnancy Massage, Sports Massage, Post Injury Massage, Etc

        • Wound Care

          We provide wound care such as Stitches, Venous Ulcers, Diabetic Ulcers, 1st & 2nd Degree Burns, etc

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